Between Mercurius and Mars

Above the centre of the Earth

Interplanetary Insects

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Let’s go dancing on the Moon

dragonfly insect animal flying nature scene generated by artificial intelligence

Funk From Here

it is as it is

We do what we do

We funk from here

With you, you and you

Without (final) frontier

Funk Is An Attitude

In the rhythm of life, 

where the beats unfold, 

It is as it is, 

a story yet untold. 

May Da Funk B With U!

No need for pretense, 

no need for fear, 

In this cosmic groove, 

we persevere.

Hey Fred

Yabba Dabba Do Di Da Da

In Funk We Trust

It’s a funky declaration, 

crystal clear, 

We do what we do, 

no need to veer. 

Funk Is It’s Own Reward

o join the dance, 

the atmosphere, 

We funk from here, 

without a frontier.

Interplanetary Insects

We funk from here, 

it is as it is, 

A sonic journey, 

a rhythmic quiz. 

Funk With ME

Fightin’ Back Da Zone Of Zero Funk-a-tivity

Interplanetary Insects

  • With every beat, 
  • and every cheer, 
  • We funk from here, 
  • in the atmosphere.
Interplanetary Insects spelen hun openingsnummer Easy E op het Voorstraat-Noord Festival 9 september 2023
Ramen van een gebouw in Neurenberg, Duitsland

Interplanetary Insects

  • In the tapestry of sound, 
  • where melodies blend, 
  • It is as it is, 
  • let the funk transcend,

“Jazz Is The Teacher.

Funk Is The Preacher,

& Hip Hop Keeps It Going On.

James Blood Ulmer

Free Funk a teer

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